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Studio Modus. Premium Marine Vessel Design Services.
Unique designs for the discerning owner who believes that boating is about the water.


Studio Modus is a virtual collective of marine design professionals ready to support, manage or lead the design and construction of your next project.

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For many, design is about the object or the figure. The feel of it in your hand or the sole of your foot as you walk across it. The pride it brings as your view it in your slip from shore or at the end of your driveway at the end of a long day cleaning and polishing. Perhaps it is a framed photograph or a wallpaper on your laptop that inspires you through your workweek, yearning for that next trip. Still, it may be that confidence you feel as you return to port safely after a long voyage. At Studio Modus, we work for this as hard as you do.


Few owners are asked to discuss in detail how they actually intend to operate the vessel prior to the start of design or construction, criteria which is obviously critical to the boat and systems design. Instead, initial impressions, previous boating experiences, or industry periodicals drive the design criteria. This inevitably leads to a boat that fails to perform or change function as the needs of the boater change leading to a premature sale. The vessel and all of its systems should meet a core functional criterion as well as adapt to changes in program. After delivery, the Owner’s level of satisfaction and valuation are critical components to the success of a design.

A primary question of 'houseboating' rarely asked and even more rarely answered goes beyond the culture and social aspect. Do live-aboard owners stay at the dock primarily for the culture, or because the vessel and systems design limits the travel distance or sacrifices the level of comfort that dock utilities provide?

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Design Service.
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Project Management.
We offer project management services to ensure that your project meets your criteria with on-site visits and contract verification. More »


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Unique designs for the discerning owner who believes that boating is about the water.